8gen-Art is the interdisciplinary academic, refereed journal for scholars and practitioners with a common interest in art. 

The journal welcomes manuscripts on topics such as:

Urban History, Urban Archeology, Cultural and Natural Heritage, History of Architecture, Aesthetics in Architecture, Painting, History of Turkish-Islamic Arts, Archaic Period, Archaeometry, Early Bronze Age, Hellenistic Period, Hittite Period, Urban Archeology, Classical Period , Neolithic Age, Numismatics, Obsidian, Paleolithic, Landscape Archeology, Ceramics, Settlement Archeology, Greek and Roman Period, Tile/Ceramics, Fine Arts, Carpet, Rug and Weaving, Calligraphy, Architecture, Medieval Archeology, Illumination, History of Turkish-Islamic Arts , Landscape Art History, Conservation, Restoration, Renovation in Building, Environment, Settlement and Products, Traditional Building and Construction Technologies/ Systems in Architecture, Theory, Criticism, Method in Architecture, Planning and Design