The recreational use of Burdur Lake and user evaluations




In this research, it is aimed to determine the recreational use level and user preferences of Burdur Lake, which is located within the borders of Burdur and Isparta provinces. In the scope of the study, literature analysis, questionnaire-interview and field observations were used as data collection methods. Frequency (n) and percentage (%) values were used in the analysis. According to the results of the study, the area is highly demanded due to its proximity to the city centre. High number of visitors reduces the level of utilization of the visitors who prefer the area and may cause visual and environmental degradation in the area. Participants prefer the area to have a picnic with their families and to watch the scenery. In addition, the participants emphasized the necessity of protecting Burdur Lake and its surroundings, although they see it as a touristic area. As a result, the area is an important wetland protected by the Ramsar Convention, and the use planning should be done in accordance with ecological criteria.


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Ayşe Esra Hakverdi, Öğr. Gör.

Yozgat Bozok Üniversitesi, Ormancılık Bölümü



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Akyol, A., & Hakverdi, A. E. (2022). The recreational use of Burdur Lake and user evaluations. Theoretical and Applied Forestry, 2(1), 1–7.