Recycling In Architectural Sustainability: Container Houses




Shelter, container house, sustainable architecture, modular house


The natural environment and ecological life are significantly affected by the construction industry. For this reason, sustainable architecture is seen as an up-to-date design approach because it offers solutions to environmental problems and responds to the needs of future generations. Reuse and recycling of materials is considered an important value in sustainable design and architecture. That's why shipping containers are one of the innovative trends in creating architectural objects. Shipping containers used to create fixed or portable residential structures are preferred for many reasons, such as ease of transport, speed of installation and shortening of construction time. The aim of this study is to examine the contribution of the reuse of shipping containers to sustainability and to explore the architecture of container houses. Structural sustainability assessment of container houses was selected as a problem of this study. The relationship of interior features of selected container house samples with sustainability has been supported by literature studies. Shipping containers have many contributions to sustainability in terms of economic advantages, material recycling, efficient use of ecological resources.


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